We have built an Open Source data validating tool. Put simply, this is a bit like a grammar checker for your data.

How Lintol can help your Organisation

No more manual checking. No technical know-how needed. Designed for universal use, by any team of any size or structure. Improve the quality of your published data, reduce the risk of flawed data sets.Increase your publishing rate and volume. Be ready for GDPR.

Technical Documentation

Lintol will provide an automated system incorporating pre-existing, high quality data validation tools such as CSV Lint and Goodtables-py, and offer new plug-ins for additional data types.

Our Team

We’re a team of Collaboration Partners, largely drawn from Avata Industries. Avata is a collaborative network built in cooperation with InvestNI to explore opportunities for collaborative business through Open Source and Open Data.

Each of our Partners has a unique story and skillset, but we’re all passionate about Open Data and its power to inspire innovation and change.