We’re excited to announce the Open Data Coding Challenge: Project Lintol’s global coding competition.

From Belfast to Brisbane, New York to Nairobi: wherever you are around the world, we’re inviting you to take part.

Help contribute to improving the quality of the world’s Open Data!

Project Lintol are pleased to announce Open Data Coding Challenge #1.

Submit your code by 13th April 2018 for a chance to win £500.

We’ll be announcing even more challenges after April 13th .

In our challenges we will invite you to use your skills to create code in a programming language of your choice. Each challenge will be one identified by Data Publishers as a global problem.

What is Lintol?
Lintol is a flexible framework allowing organisations to quickly build sharable blocks of code in a large number of programming languages (Processors) to identify specific problems with data sets.

How will my code be used?
Through the Lintol Data Processor library, we will help organisations around the world to hook into the best open source Processors, allowing them to validate rows upon rows of public and private sector data!

The Open Data Coding Challenge is unique; It’s not just about the regular prizes (although they’re pretty good). It’s also a chance to get your coding talents seen by our judges: which include leading government Open Data specialists and getting your code involved in cleansing data by organisations around the world.

How do I sign get involved?
Signing up is simple, just fill out our contact form and we’ll email you the instructions.

Be innovative, be creative: we can’t wait to see how you will solve these challenges!

If you have any further questions you can ask these through Lintol Chat – sign up today to receive an invitation to join.

Google Hangout
Every other week a member of the Lintol team will be available to answer questions surrounding the challenges. Sign up to be notified of the next session.

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Signing up is simple, just fill out our contact form and we’ll email you the instructions. Over £2000 worth of prizes & free swag.

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