Lintol is an automated Open Data cleaning tool we’re building for release in March 2018. It’s being designed specifically for Open Data publishers to use just before the point of publishing, allowing them to detect errors in their data sets and make vital fixes.

Universal users: distinct data sets.

Some Open Data publishers are technically minded, some aren’t. Many publishers have years of experience; others are just starting out, creating a publishing framework for the first time (often a daunting prospect). Teams vary in size from one or two, to more complex inter-departmental collaborations. Open Data is published by both public and private bodies.

Similarly, data sets vary; from straightforward lists and columns to more complicated geospatial and 3D data. Types of data include healthcare and medicine, the environment, economics, politics, agricultural and transport: there’s no limit to the sectors and specialities.

With this in mind, we’re designing Lintol so it can be used universally; no technical know-how is needed.

What’s more, we’re developing Lintol so that it can be set to work cleaning simple or much more complex data sets: whatever your publishing needs.

Bringing data cleaning to publishing platforms.

Many open data sets are published using Open Data platforms, which streamline the process of publishing, sharing and finding information. We’re also developing Lintol so that it can be integrated into such platforms, starting with CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network) which is used by Governments globally to publish their data. CKAN users will simply upload their data to CKAN and select Lintol to clean their data before publishing.

How do I get started?

Lintol will be officially available from March 2018, but in the meantime we’re looking for Data Publishers to try the prototype for free. Contact us and one of our team will be on hand to guide you through the process, and will come out in person to any local customers who’re willing to be testers.