Lintol is like a grammar checker for your data. It makes data make sense.

What is Lintol?

Service companies have geographic and sales data. Manufacturers have production, supply chain, and efficiency data. State bodies have data for decision making and compliance. Financial companies have transactional data.

Your organisation might have big data, small data, open data, confidential data, structured data, unstructured data, internal data, external data, historical data, predictive data, personal data, or anonymous data.

Lintol exists because all companies produce and consume data. Lintol processes, validates, cleanses and makes sense of data. Data + Lintol = Useable Data.

How does Lintol Work?

In IT we have a saying: crud in, crud out (we might use a different word). There is often not a lot you can do about the quality of the data you receive, but with Lintol you can now fix issues in your datasets before they are consumed and used for decision making.

Our team will work with your team to understand your data. We will build for you a custom module to use on our Lintol software platform. Your module is specially tailored to your data needs. With a click of a mouse, you can extract your existing data, validate it, cleanse it, and export it as a useful new dataset.

You don’t need developers or data analysts, you don’t need a big server, and you don’t need to do anything to get your data ready for us. We take care of everything. We can work with JSON, SQL, CSV, XML, and even raw machine data.

Can Lintol Process Our Data?

Lintol doesn't just tidy up your data and put some manners on it. We can also analyse and process your data and make it very useful for your organisation.

Lintol uses statistical methodology, machine learning, and neural networks to run custom transformations and analysis on your data. We design your Lintol module so that it changes your raw data into powerful data you can use.

We hire the best software engineers in the business, but unlike others we complement them with the best mathematicians, engineers, and statisticians from across industry and academia.

Lintol brings intelligence and machine learning to your data. Our marketing partners keep asking us if they can call it AI, but we prefer to call it CI - captured intelligence.

Who are Lintol Ltd?

The CEO of Lintol is Dr Rebecca Lutton who has a background in medical devices, civil engineering, and advanced manufacturing engineering.

The Lintol team are a consortium of enthusiastic open-source developers originally funded by the Open Data Institute (ODI) and working to develop innovative tools to support the public and private sectors.

Lintol Ltd has worked with a variety of public sector bodies such as Department for Infrastructure, Department of Finance, Belfast City Council and the ODI providing tools for making data accessible and useful.

The Nuts & Bolts

Lintol is Open Source

This means the code is freely available for inspection, modification, or even to build upon for your own solutions.

Lintol is Format Agnostic

All that means is we can work with almost any data in almost any format. Send us an email if you need reassurance.

Lintol is Compliant

Your data is processed where you are using exceptional security. We have GDPR compliant servers in the UK, EU, USA, or on your own premises.

Lintol is Painless

You are smart or you wouldn't be looking at Lintol, but you don't have to be tech smart to use it. Using Lintol is as easy as clicking a mouse.

Lintol is for You

Lintol is the perfect partner for any company, public body, or organisation that publishes data. Lintol is particularly suited for use with Open Data.

Lintol is Open for Investment

As a startup that is working hard to scale fast we are always open to investment. Contact us for more information.

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